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A Witness List for House Hearings on Volume II of the CIA's Inspector General's Report on CIA Drug Trafficking

Expect Closed Door Hearings in June or July, 1998

Can the Government Handle The Truth?

Is Your Name Here?

© Copyright 1999,  Michael C. Ruppert. & From The Wilderness Publications at . All Rights Reserved. Permission to reprint  for non-commercial purposes only if the preceding appears.

[This list of witnesses originally appeared in the February issue of From The Wilderness for subscribers only. It has caused quite a stir and, since the surprise (May, 25) closed door hearings on CIA drug trafficking in Los Angeles in the wake of our May cover story, it is a yardstick against which the coming cover up can be graded. Does the government even care to be credible any more?]


Unlike a court of law, which relies on specific charges, Congress, whose only mandate is to serve the people, may take any issue and go forwards or backwards in time. It may go sideways and change directions.  It may call any witnesses it chooses in its efforts to decide what laws to write for the benefit of those it serves, The People.

Volume II of the CIA's Inspector General's report took Congress to the CIA's house. It showed the dead body of its admissions regarding drug trafficking lying bloody in the open doorway. If Congress serves the people it will now enter the house and look around. It will press charges and it will see that criminals are punished for their crimes. It will pass laws designed to make sure that these crimes never happen again.

Use these 143 names as a report card to see what Congress' will really is and who it really serves. Volume II is not closed until the House Intelligence Committee holds hearings. Your calls, letters and e-mails to make those hearings complete and well covered are having a serious impact. Let's see what you can do with this.

"Bo" Abbot  - Former CIA/Air America pilot who has openly admitted to having flown drugs for the Agency on CIA aircraft. Now resides is Southwest U.S.

Elliot Abrams - Former Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American affairs. Oversaw Nicaraguan Humanitarian Assistance Office for Oliver North and delivered subsidies to firms like Setco and Frigorificos de Puntarenas which CIA Volume II admits were dealing drugs. Worked with Albert Carone who was North's, Casey's and Bush's paymaster and bagman with the Mafia.

Lt. Col. Albert Adame - Deputy Commander Mil(itary Advisory) Group El Salvador. Discussed CIA drug ops with DEA Agent Cele Castillo.

Richard Armitage - Assistant Secretary of Defense, East Asia (1981-83), Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs (1983-1988). CIA operator dating back to Vietnam where he assisted in the drug trade under Ted Shackley. Oversaw key DoD Contra support operations during the Reagan Administration for CIA, Shackley and Bush. Labeled, "My white son" by Colin Powell in 1995.

Brad Ayers - Former CIA and DEA agent, found cocaine residue in military, CIA and Contra connected aircraft in Florida. Hounded into hiding and nearly killed for reporting same.

Randy Beasley - Former DEA agent. Made a futile attempt to arrest Barry Seal in 1983. The case was shut down by the government

Gary Betzner - Former drug pilot for Jorge Morales who began using Ilopnago and Ft. Lauderdale Executive airport for drug and gun runs after being approached by John Hull.

Oscar Danilo Blandon - The primary California dealer from the Gary Webb stories. Still operating as informant for US Gov't. to this day. Had documented CIA & government connections, some still classified.  Ricky Ross' primary supplier.

Jack Blum - Former Chief investigator for the Kerry Subcommittee which examined the Contra drug connections in the 1980s. Testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) in late 1996 and stated, "We don't have to investigate. We already know."

William R. Bode - Special Assistant to Undersecretary of State for Security Assistance (Schneider), Science and Technology who allegedly used his office to recruit contractors (including Gene Wheaton) for air support and other operations on behalf of the CIA and NSC. These included air contractors who flew drugs. According to Bo Gritz had heavy Arkansas connections

Richard Brenneke - Portland arms dealer and CIA asset who worked with Israeli Mossad agents and Manuel Noriega to run a guns/drugs pipeline. Met with Geo. Bush's national security adviser Donald Gregg.

Jose Bueso-Rosa - Honduran General and rabid contra supporter.  A major drug trafficker on whose behalf Oliver North interceded to protect "National Security" information.

George Bush - As Vice President, was placed in control of all national security operations by Reagan National Security Decision Directives 2 & 3. Received special briefings from CIA on drug trafficking by Contra operators. Had staff members including Donald Gregg and Col. Douglas Menarchik turn up heavily in connection with drug investigations and  trafficking by CIA assets and agents.

Randy Capister - CIA covert operations chief for Central America. Worked under Alan Fiers, Clair George and "Dewey" Clarridge.

Floyd Carlton - Panamanian drug trafficker who used CIA contractor DIACSA as a cover. Ran drugs while receiving State Department subsidies. Witness against Manuel Noriega.

Frank Carlucci - Deputy Director of Central Intelligence (DDCI) 1978-1981. Deputy Secretary of Defense 1981-2. Reagan National Security Adviser 1987-1989.

Rafael Caro-Quintero - Cartel level trafficker in Guadalajara Mexico. Ran Contra training camp in Vera Cruz. Involved in the 1985 murder of DEA agent "Kiki" Camarena.

Carlos Cabezas - Drug dealer/money launderer mentioned by Gary Webb and Cele Castillo. Can deliver names dates, places of cash deliveries to Contras from Meneses organization. Operated as FBI informant while dealing drugs at least through 1991.

Celerino Castillo - Senior DEA field agent for El Salvador and Honduras. Documented CIA and NSC flights at Ilopango airfield in El Salvador and reported same directly to Ambassador Edwin Corr and Vice President George Bush. Was told by Corr, "Leave it alone. It's a White House operation."

CEO, Evergreen Air - the mother of all CIA proprietary airlines and air operations since the demise of Air America.

Duane "Dewey" Clarridge - Chief of CIA Contra support operations from 1982 to 1984. Met regularly with Noriega, Morales and other traffickers. Convicted of seven counts of perjury during Iran-Contra trials and later pardoned by George Bush.

Tom Clines - Retired CIA Deputy under former Laos and Saigon Station Chief Ted Shackley. Convicted during Iran-Contra of tax evasion in connection with various schemes involving Shackley, Richard Secord and Carl Jenkins. Part of Contra supply network linked to CIA drug trafficking as far back as 1965 and through the CIA/Panamanian Watchtower missions in 1975-7.

Hillary Rodham Clinton - Senior partner in Rose law firm which negotiated many secret CIA contracts at the Mena airport for various tenants including members of the Hubbell family.

Roger Clinton - Brother of William Jefferson Clinton. Recovering cocaine addict. Involved with sales of cocaine.

William Jefferson Clinton - Governor of Arkansas during heavy and admitted CIA covert ops during Contra war. Received numerous reports of drug trafficking at Mena airport and was allegedly involved.

Edwin Corr - Ambassador to El Salvador during the Contra war. Received many reports of CIA drug trafficking. Told Cele Castillo it was a White House operation. Reportedly now teaching at the University of Oklahoma.

Rene Corvo - Miami Cuban, CIA asset dating back to the Bay of Pigs. Involved in Contra weapons shipments, drugs bombings, assassinations and many other all-American activities.

Sam Dalton - New Orleans attorney who subpoenaed the CIA regarding Barry Seal.

Doc Delaughter - Investigator for Arkansas Organized Crime Drug Task Force aimed at Dan Lasater that was shut down when they started getting close to Governor Bill Clinton.

John Deutch - Former CIA Director who promised a full, complete and open investigation.

Bill Duncan - IRS investigator who was the first to start investigations of Mena airport. Uncovered links to Arkansas banking and financial executives including Dan Lasater, Bill Clinton and the CIA. Ruthlessly suppressed.

John Duffy - Former San Diego Co. Sheriff and Reagan supporter of the Contra war effort. Mentioned by several sources as protecting CIA criminal operations in San Diego County.

Gary Eitel - Vietnam Vet, former CIA pilot, attorney and whistleblower. Aware of CIA drug ops in Mena dating back to 1972 and massive CIA movement of military aircraft into the drug trade. Special Independent Counsel in CIA C-130 case still pending.

Janice Elmore - Political (CIA) Officer, U.S. Embassy El Salvador. Routinely met with Salvadoran military and political leaders and allegedly used sexual liaisons to gather intelligence and protect drug operations.

Joe Neville Evans - One of Barry Seal's boys operating out of Mena.

Jeffrey Feldman - Ass't. U.S. Attorney in South Florida. Allegedly helped quash investigations leading to George Bush, Rene Corvo and John Hull.

Dee Ferdinand - Daughter of Col. Albert Vincent Carone. CIA bagman and paymaster for Ollie North, George Bush, Bill Casey. Possesses bank records and hard documents including a tape recording leading to George Bush.

Joseph Fernandez - CIA station Chief in Costa Rica. Debriefed one trafficker, Moises Nunez and cabled headquarters that Nunez was working for North.

Alan Fiers - Head of CIA's Central American Task Force during the Reagan years.

Bob Fletcher - Had his private toy company stolen by North/Casey associates Gary Best, Heinie Aderholt and John Singlaub. Witness in Cristic suit. Turned investigator and has since unearthed major documents incriminating Oliver North and others.

John Ford III - Long time CIA attorney connected to covert and proprietary air operations. Heavy in court documents linking CIA to embezzled C-130 aircraft. Active during Contra years and allegedly 100 per cent knowledgeable about CIA drug operations. Now a senior attorney for Pacific Gas and Electric in San Francisco in the same building as former U.S. Attorney Joseph Russoniello. Also connected to large numbers of C-130s moved by the CIA into the drug trade referenced in U.S. vs. Roy Reagan (1998).

Vaughn Forrest - Aide to Congressman Bill McCollum, travelling companion to Oliver North aide Rob Owen, friend of Oliver North (mentioned in his diaries) and was present in John Hull's home the day of the La Penca bombing targeting Eden Pastora.

Daryl Francis Gates - Retired LAPD Chief. Knows of CIA connections to LAPD and other law enforcement agencies through various links including the Narcotics Intelligence Network. (Boy would I like to question this one!)

Robert Gates - CIA intelligence executive under Bill Casey. Later served as Director of Central Intelligence for President George Bush.

Clair George - CIA Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) 1984-88,

J. Porter Goss - Republican Congressman from So. Florida. Chair of the House Intelligence committee (HPSCI) charged with conducting hearings on Volume II. Retired CIA case officer who worked in South Florida with Shackley, Clines and Wilson. (Can you say "Conflict of Interest?")

Lee Grasheim - CIA contract operative, part-time spook associate - military hardware salesman, alleged drug and weapons trafficker in El Salvador. Connected to Contra supply efforts by Judge Lawrence Walsh.  Investigated by DEA, arrested and had his house raided. Connected to a plane crash involving drugs in Florida. Mentioned in Ollie North's diaries.

Donald P. Gregg - National Security Adviser to Vice President George Bush. Mentioned ubiquitously in every published work on Contra drug trafficking.

Lt. Col. James "Bo"Gritz - POW activist returned from Southeast Asia with a videotape of opium warlord Khun Sa implicating Shackley, Armitage, Clines and other CIA personnel in the drug trade.

Ramon Guillen-Davilla - Venezuelan General indicted just days after CIA Director John Deutch left Los Angeles in 1996 for smuggling 22 tons of cocaine into the U.S. Guillen is an acknowledged CIA asset/agent and was storing the cocaine in a CIA warehouse.

Woody Grantham - Longtime associate with CIA air contract and proprietary operations. Connected to last service of Barry Seal's C 123 Fat Lady, which was shot down over Nicaragua in 1986. Current owner of T&G airfreight (Arizona) which has received C-130s laundered by CIA through the Forest Service. One, leased/sold by Grantham caught with millions of dollars worth of coke on board in Mexico City in 1995.

Chico Guirola - DEA listed trafficker/smuggler connected to CIA and Contra operations by DEA agent Cele Castillo.

Mike Harrari - Israeli Mossad agent closely connected to CIA drug operations in Panama dating back to Watchtower in 1976. Security adviser to Manuel Noriega. Mentioned in Ollie North's diaries. Associate of North, Casey and Bush. Alleged to have died from heart attack in 1998 - not confirmed.

Frederick P. Hitz - CIA Inspector General who directed the investigations in Volumes I & II after the Gary Webb stories of 1996.

Ed Heath - Former DEA Supervisory Special Agent who monitored CIA drug related operations during the Contra years and later served as head of the El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) which handles all intelligence for drug related matters.

Martha Honey - Along with husband Tony Avirgan (wounded in the La Penca bombing) was an original plaintiff in the Cristic suit. Investigative reporter and now at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C.

Rick Horn - Senior DEA field agent. Now leading a class action suit against CIA for interference in recent drug investigations in Burma.

Web Hubbell - Lawyer, partner in Rose law firm, former Assistant Attorney General for President Clinton. Negotiated CIA contract for multiple tenants at Mena airport including the firm Park-On-Meter, directly tied to illegal weapons manufacturing for the Contras.

John Hull - One of the biggest CIA/NSC players during the Contra war. Indicted by Coast Rica for drug smuggling and

Neutrality Act violations Hull escaped on a DEA plane. Close to North, Bush, Quayle and Rob Owen. Reportedly used his ranch in Nicaragua and surrounding areas for drug flights into the U.S.

Admiral Bobby Ray Inman - Retired head of National Security Agency. Deputy Director of Central Intelligence 1981-2. Member of the Board of Directors of the Fluor Corporation where "retired CIA Deputy Director Bill Nelson met with Ron Lister who was connected to the Blandon drug organization, the CIA and North.

Carl Jenkins - Retired CIA Deputy Director of Operations. Among other things attempted to recruit retired Army CID Agent Gene Wheaton to help set up dummy airlines which would later be used for drug and weapons smuggling.

Leon Kellner - U.S. Attorney for South Florida. Jeff Feldman's boss. Went out of his way, in concert with William Weld to crush investigations leading to North, Bush and the White House.

Joseph Kelso - Freelance investigator/informant who revealed DEA corruption in Costa Rica which connected to CIA. Gave a 3 volume deposition in Avirgan v. Hull in So. Florida.  Yet also turns up connected to CIA laundering of C-130 aircraft through the Forest Service (see Dec. issue).

Senator John Kerry - Chaired Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Operations of the Committee on Foreign Relations in 1986-8 (The Kerry Committee), produced voluminous evidence of CIA complicity in drug trafficking.

Peter Kornbluh - Administrator, National Security Archives where many important documents, including Ollie's diaries, CIA & DEA reports are stored. Has written and conducted extensive research on Iran-Contra.

Dan Lasater - Arkansas crony of Bill Clinton who allegedly called the CIA coke "Lasater's thing."  Junk bond king from Little Rock reported to have laundered millions in cocaine profits for the Clinton's and others.

Michael Ledeen - NSC staffer close to North and Bud McFarlane.

Carlos Lehder-Rivas - Co-founder of the Medellin cartel which gave money to the Contras and assisted North and Bush. Imprisoned in 1988 and recently released. One of the Chief witnesses against Manuel Noriega. Now residing in the Bahamas and reportedly back in business.

Mike Levine - Retired DEA. Former Country Attachˇ in Argentina. Witnessed CIA sponsored cocaine coup in Bolivia. Author, radio host, expert witness.

Ron Lister - Former Laguna Beach police officer who worked with Danillo Blandon and the Ricky Ross organization. Delivered guns to gangs and also met with retired CIA DDO Bill Nelson at the Fluor Corporation.

Eric von Marbod - Lifelong associate of Armitage, Shackley, Clines, et al. Vietnam hand connected to CIA/Laotian heroin. Protˇgˇ of Henry Kissinger. Ran Defense Security Assistance Agency for the Pentagon in the Reagan years, which provided cover for a multitude of covert ops connected to the Contras and other activities. Linked by Bo Gritz to drug trafficking and abandonment of POWs.

Dave MacMichael- Retired CIA case officer. Founder of Association of National Security Alumni. Lecturer/writer. Outspoken critic of CIA covert operations.

John Mattes - Former Federal Public defender who represented Jesus Garcia on weapons charges connected to the Contras. Uncovered links to George Bush's aide Col. Douglas Menarchik.

Traveled to Central America on investigations and suffered repercussions. Later served as an attorney for the Kerry Committee.

Juan Ramon Matta-Ballesteros - Honduran cartel level trafficker connected to the Contras. Moved four tons of cocaine per month into the U.S. through CIA connected firms like Setco, which he owned. Imprisoned in 1989 as CIA shifted allegiances from the Medellin to the Cali cartel. Now in prison in Colorado.

Col. Douglas Menarchik - National Security aide to George Bush whose private phone number turned up in the possession of a Contra gun runner connected to drugs.

Norwin Meneses - Supplier of Danillo Blandon. Long time CIA asset. Major Nicaraguan political heavyweight who always escaped US prosecution and arrest. Now serving time in a resort country club prison in Central America where he still exerts great influence.

Jack McCavett - CIA station chief El Salvador.

Rep. Bill McCollum (FL) - Longtime CIA friend associated with Bill Casey. Connected to the recruitment of Gene Wheaton to set up dummy airlines for gun/drug smuggling. Also connected to the Knights of Malta, a secret order used to launder money during the era. McCollum's aide Vaughn Forrest was with John Hull in Costa Rica the day of the La Penca bombing.

Prof. Alfred W. McCoy (University of Wisconsin, Madison) - Author: The Politics of Heroin. World recognized expert, professor and author who has been researching CIA complicity in the global drug trade since the early 1970's.

John McMahon - Retired CIA Deputy Director bypassed by the likes of Dewey Clarridge and North. A so-called "moderate" who Bill Casey ignored in his conduct of illegal drug and guns operations during the era.

Robert "Bud" McFarlane - National Security Adviser to President Reagan. Oliver North's boss. Indicted over Iran-Contra issues not related to drugs.

Ralph McGehee - Retired CIA case officer, outspoken CIA critic and publisher of CIA-Base. Created a publicly available database of CIA dirty tricks including drug running.

Ed Meese - Reagan's second Attorney general who handled the Iran-Contra affair. Covered up evidence of CIA drug trafficking and other crimes.

Rick Messick - Former aide to Senator Richard Lugar who reportedly leaked sensitive documents from the Kerry Committee to Oliver North and other Reagan officials.

Ramon Milian-Rodriguez - Accountant for the Medellin cartel who testified to administering $10 million plus in "donations" for the Contras.

Jorge Morales - Convicted Colombian drug smuggler, Florida playboy connected to Geo. Bush who testified to shipping guns to Contras in exchange for drugs and protection from American law enforcement investigations.

Frank Moss - American pilot. Partner with Matta in Setco

Mario Murga - DEA and CIA informant for Celerino Castillo. Identified aircraft with black crosses on their tails as being CIA drug and weapons flights.

Gen. Manuel Antonio Noriega - Long time CIA asset and colleague of George Bush before his ouster in Operation Just Cause in 1989. Former dictator of Panama, the money laundering capital for the drug trade and prime transshipment point for a variety of CIA cargoes. Allied with the Medellin cartel. Now serving a prison sentence.

Oliver North - There aren't enough words and I couldn't print them all anyway!

Rob Owen - Preppie aide to Ollie North and courier/messenger who traveled throughout Central and Latin America. Hand picked from the staff of Indiana Senator Dan Quayle of Indiana which is also the home state of John Hull.

Michael Palmer - Pilot and drug smuggling operator of CIA contractor Vortex, heavily referenced in Volume II.

Col. Nestor Pino - U.S. Army Special Warfare expert connected to Bo Gritz, William Bode, Richard Armitage and Erich Von Marbod. Involved in Contra supply drug operations reportedly connected to drugs.

Ross Perot - Texas billionaire and longtime POW activist known to have heavy intelligence and political contacts. Reportedly backed Richard Armitage into a corner over Armitage's alleged connections to drug trafficking, gambling and POW abandonment in 1986.

Adm. John Poindexter - National Security Adviser to President Reagan. Oliver North's boss when Iran-Contra broke.

Tom Posey - Founded Civilian Military Assistance, a cutout Contra support operation. Connected to Hull, Calero, Frank Chanes, North, Owen and the attempts to silence Jack Terrell and murder Eden Pastora.

Gen. Colin Powell - Senior Pentagon official who oversaw much of the weapons transfers to Iran and out of Pentagon into private hands. Calls Richard Armitage his "white son."

Rafael "Chi-Chi" Quintero - Cuban born assassin and long time CIA operative known to have worked for Ted Shackley, Tom Clines and Ed Wilson. Heavily involved in Contra support operations including, according to Contra pilot Michael Tolliver, the coordination of drug flights. Known associate of Casey, Bush, North bagman and drug money launderer, Albert Carone.

CEO, The RAND Corporation - On acquisition and sharing of data from UCLA's NPI and other sources with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Roy Reagan - Aircraft broker, longtime CIA associate convicted in 1998 of defrauding the government in a scheme to steal C-130's from the Forest Service, move them through CIA proprietary Evergreen Air facilities and into the drug trade. Some C-130's moved through Mena, AK. Most turned up overseas doing anything but fighting fires.

Terry Reed - CIA contract pilot trained and handled by Barry Seal and Oliver North. Exposed direct CIA drug connections at Mena airport and connections between George Bush and Governor Bill Clinton. Framed for insurance fraud when he refused to go along with drug smuggling ops.

Oliver "Buck" Revell - Former Assistant Director of the FBI. Part of Terrorist Incident Working Groups (TIWGs) in the NSC under Bush. Very close to Ollie North. Responsible for harassment of Contra drug witnesses and the cover-up of criminal conduct leading into the White House.

Win Richardson - Former analyst and mid manager of E-Systems near Dallas. Documented cocaine flights on E Systems aircraft. E-Systems is a major defense contractor with former CIA Director William Raborn on the Board.

Mike Riconosciouto - CIA computer expert tied to various illegal CIA covert ops including reprogramming of PROMIS software and drug trafficking through Mena Arkansas.

Glenn Robinette - Security officer for North and Secord's Enterprise.  DC Private investigator and retired CIA operative used by Oliver North to harass and intimidate key witnesses including Jack Terrell and the Cristic Institute.

Felix Rodriguez - (a.k.a. Max Gomez) Longtime CIA hand from the Bay of Pigs era. Connected to drug running and covert military operations. A major CIA player who ran operations at Ilopnago Hangars 4 & 5 where DEA agent Cele Castillo documented drug flights. Involved in 1998 delivery of U.S. helicopters to Mexico to "fight" the drug war.

Ricky Ross - Celebrated dealer of the Dark Alliance series. Labeled the king of crack cocaine by the L.A. Times. Started the crack cocaine epidemic receiving CIA protected shipments of cocaine. Now serving an undetermined sentence after life sentence overturned.

Don Richardson - Political Officer (CIA) U.S. Embassy El Salvador. Knew of drug operations sanctioned/protected by the Agency and ordered by the White House.

Jimmy Rothstein - Retired NYPD Detective. Knew Al Carone. Has openly detailed CIA drug involvement through NYPD for decades as well as the targeting of African Americans for CIA heroin shipped via the French Connection and the Prince of the City cases. Has hard documents linking CIA to rental of facilities for drug dealers connected to the Agency.

Mike Ruppert - former LAPD narcotics investigator from CIA connected family. Eyewitness to a CIA agent arranging drug shipments in 1976-7. Writer, lecturer and expert witness on the subject of CIA drug trafficking.

Joseph Russoniello - Former Assistant US Attorney in San Francisco, labeled by CIA as "most deferential" to their interests. Quashed the "Frogman" investigations connected to Norwin Meneses. Represented defendants in CIA's embezzlement of C-130 aircraft in U.S. v. Reagan. Now occupies offices in the same building as John Ford in the headquarters building of PG&E in San Francisco.

Dr. David Sabow, MD - Brother of Marine Col. Jim Sabow who was murdered after discovering C-130s with Forest Service markings flying cocaine onto El Toro Marine Air Station in 1991. Col. Sabow's death was ruled a suicide in spite of forensic evidence proving murder. Sabow, who was hounded by the Marines, can offer additional information relevant to CIA drug trafficking.

George Schultz - Secretary of State for Ronald Reagan

Peter Dale Scott - Professor, UC Berkeley, author of Cocaine Politics.  Recognized expert on CIA involvement in cocaine trafficking.

Richard Secord - Retired AF General tied to CIA drug operations from the Vietnam era. Longtime associate of Ted Shackley, Tom Clines, Ed Wilson and Richard Armitage. Caught embezzling funds from government contracts through EATSCO. Heavily involved in Contra supply operations with Oliver North.

Ted Shackley - Retired Associate Deputy Director of Operations at CIA. Hired by CIA in 1951 and rose to power in anti-Castro efforts Mongoose and JM-WAVE in So. Florida in the early 1960s. Perhaps the strongest continuous thread in the history of CIA drug dealing. Former Station Chief in Laos and Saigon. ADDO under CIA Director George Bush in 1976 and heavily involved in Iran-Contra. Still active in the intelligence community.

Ronald Siegel, PhD - Pioneer researcher on crack cocaine at UCLA's Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI). Traveled to South America several times in late 70-early 80s. Expert on the addictiveness of the drug and UCLA connections to RAND and the CIA.

John Singlaub - Retired Army general and rabid anti-Communist. Heavily involved in illegal weapons supplies for the Contras, many of which were purchased with drug monies. An essential part of The Enterprise and front man for Contra support activities.

Stanley Sporkin - retired General Counsel for the CIA during the Casey years. Now a sitting United Stated District Court Judge in

 Washington, D.C. (The e-mails used to read "To Stanley from Ollie.")

Kenneth Starr - Former special assistant to Reagan Attorney General William French-Smith who knew about, and helped author the infamous memorandum removing CIA's responsibility for reporting drug trafficking by its agents and contract employees.

Col. James Steel - Commander Mil Group El Salvador. Principal liaison between the military and Felix Rodriguez and Oliver North for operations at Ilopango airfield and throughout El Salvador.

John H. Stein - CIA Deputy Director of Operations (DDO) from July 1981 - June 1984.

James Robert Strauss - Bagman and laundry man for cocaine profits through organized crime to support a variety of missions including POW rescue efforts. Partner of Col. Albert Carone whose daughter, Dee Ferdinand, has a tape of Strauss acknowledging that the CIA operations known as Amadeus were run by George Bush. Travel records indicate heavy international travel to launder cocaine funds for the Agency, Bill Casey and the NSC.

Lewis Tambs - U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica. Planned victim of alleged assassination attempt by John Hull, CIA and Ollie North. Opposed transfer of C-130s from Australia to South America for use in the drug trade.

Dois G. "Chip" Tatum - CIA operative and pilot who participated in CIA covert operations, assassinations and drug missions. Claims direct connections and meeting with George Bush and Bill Clinton during the Contra era. Claims to possess hard documents, tape recordings and other evidence connecting to Israeli Mossad officials and CIA executives including Ted Shackley and William Casey. Whereabouts unknown.

George Tenet - Current Director of Central Intelligence who supervised the declassification of Volume II of Inspector General Fred Hitz's 1997 investigation.

Jack Terrell - Self-styled mercenary who became the chief witness in the Cristic lawsuit. Began working for Tom Posey's CMA and became exposed to drug operations at Ilopnago in El Salvador and John Hull's ranch in Costa Rica. Became an obsession of North, Hull, Robinette and Owen. Prosecuted and hounded on trumped up weapons charges.

Bill Tyree - Former U.S. Army Special Forces troop involved in CIA drug operations in Panama (Watchtower) dating back to 1976-7 under the Directorship of George Bush. Eyewitness and participant to drug exchanges involving CIA and Manuel Noriega. Wrongly framed and convicted for the murder of his own wife in 1979, Tyree is now plaintiff in a $63 million suit against the CIA, George Bush and Bill Clinton. An invaluable source.

Vang Pao - Southeast Asian Hmong opium warlord who commanded a CIA Army in Laos for Ted Shackley and the CIA. Heavily involved in the opium trade. Relocated to Montana after the Vietnam War where there are currently numerous allegations of CIA drug smuggling.

Director, UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI) - On relationships and connections with the RAND Corporation, CIA and research into addictive qualities of crack cocaine and other drugs.

Frederico Vaughan- Nicaraguan Sandinista official involved in alleged drug sting manufactured by Oliver North.

Lupita Vega - The only Salvadoran national working for the Mil Group with above Top Secret clearances in El Salvador. Handled coded traffic and communications regarding drug flights.

Judge Lawrence Walsh - Special Independent Counsel for Iran-Contra. Received voluminous information about drug trafficking and decided it was not within his mandate to do anything about it. As a private attorney in the early 80s obtained End User Certificates for Richard Secord's Eatsco airfreight company.

Gary Webb - The Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and author of Dark Alliance who got us into all this mess again. (Thank God!)

Judge William Webster - Former FBI Director. Appointed CIA Director after Bill Casey's death in 1987. Presided over the cover-up at CIA.

Scott Weekly - Annapolis classmate of Oliver North. Friend of Bo Gritz. Covert operations specialist and weapons expert. Described heavily in Gary Webb's Dark Alliance. Linked to drug and weapons trafficking in Southern California through Ron Lister.

Casper Weinberger - Reagan Secretary of Defense. Responsible when large numbers of military personnel, especially Green Beret's, were used on drug connected missions. Also oversaw diversion of military aircraft, personnel and resources into drug missions run by the CIA.

Russel Welch - Arkansas State Investigator who was one of the first to uncover CIA drug smuggling at the Mena airport and connections to Bill Clinton. Ruthlessly suppressed.

William Weld - Assistant Attorney General, Criminal Division under Reagan. Stalled or aborted every criminal investigation into drug trafficking connected to the CIA and the NSC.

David Westrate - High ranking DEA official who handled sensitive intelligence liaison between CIA, DEA and Congress dating back to the mid-70s. Rose to become Assistant Administrator.

Gene Wheaton - Retired Army CID, Air Force OSI investigator. Arguably the deepest witness to ever come from inside covert operations and publicly oppose CIA drug trafficking. Investigator for the Cristic Institute, the Sabow family, one of the first at Mena and deeply involved in the C-130 investigations involving CIA and the Forest Service.

James Woolsey - First CIA Director under Bill Clinton prior to the appointment of John Deutch.

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may we recommend the following:

- Extracts and Commentary from Vol. II of the CIA Inspector General's Report.

- The Carone Report

- The Tyree Papers

- The UCLA Oral History


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