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Robert F. Kennedy's assasasination is tied directly to the CIA, Mike Ruppert's life AND the LAPD officers working for CIA who groomed Mike's early career. Those same people turned up again when Mike caught CIA people inside LAPD protecting major traffickers. Here you will see how solid the connections are, why Sirhan is innocent and read an LAPD document that will convince you that CIA mind control programs to produce both assassins and patsies are real. See a letter from a BBC producer to the L.A. Police Commission President authorizing Mike to hand deliver an advance copy of a documentary linking CIA to Bobby's assassination. The key eight minutes were cut before the documentary aired in the U.S. Don't go here if you want to sleep tonight.



On the evening of June 5, 1998, the thirtieth anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, I was invited to speak on a panel at the Unitarian Church in Santa Monica. The other members of that panel were Larry Teeter, Attorney for Sirhan Sirhan; Lynn Mangan, Sirhan's chief researcher; and Adele Sirhan, his brother. At that time I disclosed in public, for the first time, what I knew about LAPD's role in Bobby Kennedy's assassination and the ugly and well documented CIA truth behind it. I was only seventeen the night Bobby was shot but, as time would prove, I would wind up closer to his killers than I could ever have dreamed.

After all I had been through in what was then fifteen years of exposing CIA's deep role in the drug trade I had no knowledge how closely my life was tied in with Bobby's death. It was not until Jonn Christian, co-author of THE ASSASSINATION OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY with former FBI Agent Bill Turner sought me out that I began to discover what has been, for me, the most haunting of truths about my own experience.

Jonn found me shortly after PEOPLE Magazine ran a story about me and my years of struggle against CIA. As the L.A. County Press Spokesman for the Perot Campaign in 1992 I had attracted a lot of attention. I had spoken to Perot before about CIA and Jonn had been desperately trying to reach him. By the time Jonn found me the campaign was all but over and he, like I, soon lost faith in the floppy eared Texan. But Jonn was, and is, not a quitter. He revealed to me that he had in his possession, all thirteen volumes of LAPD's RFK investigation, unredacted, and we started talking.

He began mentioning names from LAPD, which jarred me because they were people I knew quite well. Some had been involved with CIA's protection of drug dealers and the CIA. In 1993 I went to Montana with Jonn and a retired LAPD Sergeant who had been at the scene that night. Together we spent several days pouring over original records from LAPD and we discovered how time lines had been altered, records changed and the movement of key LAPD personnel concealed both before and after the shooting. Jonn possessed other, irrefutable time line evidence from major brodcast outlets which did not match the records LAPD had inserted into the case. LAPD's own radio transmissions, all time coded, did not match up with what was in their reports. We grasped that Lt. Manny Pena, the Officer-in-Charge of Special Unit Senator had not only committed a crime, but a cover-up which kept getting uglier and uglier.

Manny Pena had left LAPD a year or so before the shooting and gone to work for the Agency for International Development only to "change his mind" and return just in time to handle the cover-up of Bobby's murder by CIA, in conjunction with the LAPD.

The simplest way to tell you what I learned by examining the files is to lay out a little chart sequence for you as I describe out the people in LAPD who touched me and who were a part of the conspiracy to kill Bobby. The only other thing I need to add is that my mother had been a cryptographer for the NSA, my father had been first an Air Force officer and then a key figure in the development of the Titan IIIC which put up all of the CIA's Keyhole spy satellites. My father's cousin Barbara and her husband Sam are both retired from CIA. Sam had been OSS during the Second World War.

Captain R. K, Sillings - When I started interning for LAPD in October of 1969 I was assigned to Venice Division. The C.O. was Bob Sillings. On the night of June 5, 1968 Sillings had been the Rampart Division Watch Commander who, at the last minute, changed key field assignments so that the newly promoted Sharaga could not go out in the field. He had moved key people and chosen to go out into the field himself. But Sharaga, out of cigarettes, had hopped into a black and white to run to a liquor store which happened to be at the Ambassador's back driveway. He was there when the shooting call came out.

Sergeant Don Tudor - Don was a Venice Patrol Sergeant when I started there. On the night of June 5, He had been assigned to METRO Division and had assigned key METRO personnel to Central Receiving Hospital. He was in the immediate vicinity when Bobby was shot. Don got me involved in my first personnel complaint against another officer, which resulted in my immediate transfer out of Venice and into Rampart Division.

Lt. Tackaberry - A Venice Division Watch Commander had been Lt. Tackaberry of METRO Division, on duty and in the field on the night of June 5. He directed METRO personnel to the Ambassador as Rampart Division officers tried to broadcast descriptions of suspects other than Sirhan. Tackaberry authorized my first ride-alongs as a civilian with LAPD field units.

Sgt. Dave Brath - One afternoon, as I was working at the Accident Investigation Division out of LAPD's Parker Center the phone rang and I was immediately assigned for a special project in Chief Ed Davis' office under the supervision of Brath. Dave wrote me a lengthy commendation which "drew" me to the attention of Commander Carroll Kirby. Dave Brath had been one of the three principal authors of the SUS report and had handled or reported about every key piece of evidence in Sirhan's frame up.

Commander Carroll Kirby - Shortly after receiving the commendation from Brath Commander Kirby reported reading a survey response I had written. I was immediately transferred into the Inspection and Control Section of the Office of the Chief of Police. Among other members of Kirby's staff was a Senior Administrative Assistant who had worked in SUS. On the night of June 5th, 1968 Kirby had been the Captain Commanding LAPD's Communications Division. He had shown up at the Ambassador Hotel, unexpectedly a few minutes after Bobby was shot and just as a nine-minute unexplained radio blackout had prevented officers from broadcasting descriptions of the girl in the polka dot dress and others who had been involved in Kennedy's murder. In 1993 I got to listen to those tapes and I saw how evidence had been destroyed, time lines altered and a conspiracy concealed.

Sgt. Carl Thompson - It was Carl Thompson who supervised my first loan into Wilshire Division Narcotics as a policeman. Carl had taught me about the Narcotics Intelligence Network (which was, I latter found out, the system CIA used to protect their own drug operations). Carl also knew my fiancˇe Teddy who directly exposed me to CIA drug trafficking and tried to recruit me to work for CIA while I was a police officer. Because I was promoting so rapidly, the chances were that I would promote right in to a spot where I could directly assist CIA. When I found out that drugs were involved I categorically refused and Teddy left me.

Carl Thompson had been a detective in SUS and he had joined LAPD after leaving the highly secret Army Security Agency.

Detective III Lee Goforth - Teddy had frequently talked of Lee as she talked about CIA operations. Lee was a powerful man in LAPD and the Department's assigned rep to the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU). Lee was also a Brigadier General in the California National Guard. It was Lee Goforth I was assigned to work with after Teddy left me and it was Lee Goforth who suggested, along with his partner Norman Bonneau that I was likely having mental problems after I came back from New Orleans and reported that I had seen CIA dealing drugs.

On the night of June 5th, 1968 Lee Goforth had been Ethel Kennedy's bodyguard.


There were 76 witnesses in the pantry the night Bobby was killed. Not one of them gave a statement which agreed with LAPD's final report. Rosie Greer didn't agree because he never gave a statement to the Grand Jury. Two LAPD detectives wrote a report which said that they went to his house to get him and his wife reported he had left town the night before. The detective who wrote the report was Bill Rathburn who rose to become a Deputy Chief in LAPD and later became Chief of Police in Dallas, Texas. Bill Rathburn also handled security for the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta.

Tom Nogouchi's autopsy on RFK stated unequivocally that the shot, which killed RFK, was fired from less than one to no more than three inches directly behind his right ear. Every soul in the pantry that night stated categorically that Sirhan never got closer than three feet to Bobby and was always directly in front of him.

I could spend hours telling you about what I learned going through LAPD's terrible investigation and lousy subsequent cover-up. I could tell you tat key LAP people were moving into place before Bobby was shot. I could take LAPD's own documents and prove them to guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. But I want to keep this simple.

To this day Sirhan Sirhan has absolutely no recollection of the events that night. He was hypnotized and he was a patsy, firing loud blanks to distract the witnesses from the real assassin Thane Eugene Cesar. Please, somebody sue me! LetÕs go to court.

Does CIA produce mind-controlled assassins? Well, aside from the reams of material released under the FOIA from CIA's which say that they do, stop for a minute and look at one LAPD document from SUS files. Sirhan Sirhan was hypno-programmed using hypnosis drugs, and torture by. Among others, the Reverend Jerry Owen and CIA mind-control specialist William Bryan hypno-programmed Sirhan at a stable where he worked months before the shooting. Also working there, at the same time, was Thomas Bremer, the brother of Arthur Bremer who, in 1972, shot Presidential Contender George Wallace. Read it for yourself and ask yourself what you believe about the existence of democracy in this country and what you believe about the fate of ANY Presidential candidate not sanctioned by the powers that be before the "race" is run.

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