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As worldwide attention, including some from mainstream news agencies, has focused on my reporting around the events of 9-11, I have been subjected to a number of malicious and patently dishonest attacks both inside news organizations such as the Pacifica radio network and elsewhere, publicly. Some of these attacks, which will soon be the subject of legal action, have stated that I was fired from LAPD for psychological reasons.

These statements are lies and the following documents establish that. I should add also, that these same documents are in the possession of Allan Mittelstaedt, News Editor of the L.A. WEEKLY, which published a recent story labeling me as a "defrocked" cop.

At the time of my resignation from the L.A. Police Department I had been certified for promotion to Detective, had no pending disciplinary actions, and was earning the highest rating reports possible. The records speak for themselves.

Have I ever seen a psychiatrist? Absolutely. In 1977, after I had discovered the CIA bringing drugs into New Orleans, detectives from LAPD’s Organized Crime Intelligence Division, who I knew had CIA connections, began suggesting to me that I hadn’t seen what I had seen and that perhaps I was hallucinating. They began suggesting that I go see a psychiatrist of their choosing for "help."

Instead, I went to my own psychiatrist. His statement is included for your review. Having been betrayed by my fiancée and also by members of my own department, I do not need to justify a statement that this was a stressful period of my life. I had been threatened, burglarized, followed and shot at for months. If that isn’t stressful, then what is? I make no apologies for it and feel no shame. No one who seeks therapy or guidance should ever feel shame. My "injury" was ruled as being "Duty Related" or IOD. Never once was I placed on restricted duty.

What is important to note is that I saw the psychiatrist, who judged me stable, sane and sound, in 1977. After that - for one year - I earned the highest possible ratings and was rated as eminently qualified for field duty and a promotion. LAPD did not again raise the psychological issue until after I had resigned and gone public on the issue of CIA drug dealing.

I am proud of my LAPD record and it speaks for itself.

Michael C. Ruppert

List of LAPD documents in Reverse Chronological Order:
(Note: EACH of these files is approx. 220K in size.)



resignation - pg1
resignation - pg2

personnel rating report_16
personnel rating report_17

Dr. Cole Letter - pg1
Dr. Cole Letter - pg 2

personnel rating report_14
personnel rating report_15

leave of absence

personnel rating report_12
personnel rating report_13

commendation 1

crime reduction letter

personnel rating report_10
personnel rating report_11

personnel rating report_8
personnel rating report_9

culver city police department letter

united states dept. of justice (DEA) certificate

commendation 2
commendation 3

personnel rating report_6
personnel rating report_7

commendation 4
commendation 5

personnel rating report_4
personnel rating report_5

personnel rating report_2
personnel rating report_3

dr. fairbanks letter

personnel rating report_1

recruit evaluation report

resignation as student worker 1972

personnel rating report_1972

personnel rating report_1971
personnel rating report_1971-2

commendation 1971

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