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The Crusaders
Global Eye
Unrestricted Warfare: 9/11 Treason

The Crusaders

Christian evangelicals are plotting to remake America in their own image

By Bob Moser
04/08/05 Rolling Stone

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

It's February, and 900 of America's staunchest Christian fundamentalists have gathered in Fort Lauderdale to look back on what they accomplished in last year's election -- and to plan what's next. As they assemble in the vast sanctuary of Coral Ridge Presbyterian, with all fifty state flags dangling from the rafters, three stadium-size video screens flash the name of the conference: reclaiming America for Christ. These are the evangelical activists behind the nation's most effective political machine -- one that brought more than 4 million new Christian voters to the polls last November, sending George W. Bush back to the White House and thirty-two new pro-lifers to Congress. But despite their unprecedented power, fundamentalists still see themselves as a persecuted minority, waging a holy war against the godless forces of secularism. To rouse themselves, they kick off the festivities with "Soldiers of the Cross, Arise," the bloodthirstiest tune in all of Christendom: "Seize your armor, gird it on/Now the battle will be won/Soon, your enemies all slain/Crowns of glory you shall gain."

Meet the Dominionists -- biblical literalists who believe God has called them to take over the U.S. government. As the far-right wing of the evangelical movement, Dominionists are pressing an agenda that makes Newt Gingrich's Contract With America look like the Communist Manifesto. They want to rewrite schoolbooks to reflect a Christian version of American history, pack the nation's courts with judges who follow Old Testament law, post the Ten Commandments in every courthouse and make it a felony for gay men to have sex and women to have abortions. In Florida, when the courts ordered Terri Schiavo's feeding tube removed, it was the Dominionists who organized round-the-clock protests and issued a fiery call for Gov. Jeb Bush to defy the law and take Schiavo into state custody. Their ultimate goal is to plant the seeds of a "faith-based" government that will endure far longer than Bush's presidency -- all the way until Jesus comes back.

"Most people hear them talk about a 'Christian nation' and think, 'Well, that sounds like a good, moral thing,' says the Rev. Mel White, who ghostwrote Jerry Falwell's autobiography before breaking with the evangelical movement. "What they don't know -- what even most conservative Christians who voted for Bush don't know -- is that 'Christian nation' means something else entirely to these Dominionist leaders. This movement is no more about following the example of Christ than Bush's Clean Water Act is about clean water."

The godfather of the Dominionists is D. James Kennedy, the most influential evangelical you've never heard of. A former Arthur Murray dance instructor, he launched his Florida ministry in 1959, when most evangelicals still followed Billy Graham's gospel of nonpartisan soul-saving. Kennedy built Coral Ridge Ministries into a $37-million-a-year empire, with a TV-and-radio audience of 3 million, by preaching that it was time to save America -- not soul by soul but election by election. After helping found the Moral Majority in 1979, Kennedy became a five-star general in the Christian army. Bush sought his blessing before running for president -- and continues to consult top Dominionists on matters of federal policy.

"Our job is to reclaim America for Christ, whatever the cost," Kennedy says. "As the vice regents of God, we are to exercise godly dominion and influence over our neighborhoods, our schools, our government, our literature and arts, our sports arenas, our entertainment media, our news media, our scientific endeavors -- in short, over every aspect and institution of human society."

At Reclaiming America, most of the conference is taken up by grassroots training sessions that supply ministers, retirees and devout churchgoers with "The Facts of Stem-Cell Research" or "Practical Steps to Impact Your Community with America's Historical Judeo-Christian Heritage." "We're going to turn you into an army of one," Gary Cass, executive director of Reclaiming America, promises activists at one workshop held in Evangalism Explosion Hall. The Dominionists also attend speeches by supporters like Rep. Katherine Harris of Florida, who urges them to "win back America for God." In their spare time, conference-goers buy books about a God-devised health program called the Maker's Diet or meet with a financial adviser who offers a "biblically sound investment plan."

To implement their sweeping agenda, the Dominionists are working to remake the federal courts in God's image. In their view, the Founding Fathers never intended to erect a barrier between politics and religion. "The First Amendment does not say there should be a separation of church and state," declares Alan Sears, president and CEO of the Alliance Defense Fund, a team of 750 attorneys trained by the Dominionists to fight abortion and gay marriage. Sears argues that the constitutional guarantee against state-sponsored religion is actually designed to "shield" the church from federal interference -- allowing Christians to take their rightful place at the head of the government. "We have a right, indeed an obligation, to govern," says David Limbaugh, brother of Rush and author of Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity. Nothing gets the Dominionists to their feet faster than ringing condemnations of judicial tyranny. "Activist judges have systematically deconstructed the Constitution," roars Rick Scarborough, author of Mixing Church and State. "A God-free society is their goal!"

Activist judges, of course, are precisely what the Dominionists want. Their model is Roy Moore, the former Alabama chief justice who installed a 5,300-pound granite memorial to the Ten Commandments, complete with an open Bible carved in its top, in the state judicial building. At Reclaiming America, Roy's Rock sits out front, fresh off a tour of twenty-one states, perched on the flag-festooned flatbed of a diesel truck, a potent symbol of the "faith-based" justice the Dominionists are bent on imposing. Activists at the conference pose for photographs beside the rock and have circulated a petition urging President Bush to appoint Moore -- who once penned an opinion calling for the state to execute "practicing homosexuals" -- to the U.S. Supreme Court.

"The other side knows we've got strongholds in the executive and legislative branches," Cass tells the troops. "If we start winning the judiciary, their power base is going to be eroded."

To pack the courts with fundamentalists like Moore, Dominionist leaders are planning a massive media blitz. They're also pressuring Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist -- an ally who's courting support for his presidential bid -- to halt the long-standing use of filibusters to hold up judicial nominations. An anti-filibuster petition circulating at the conference blasts Democrats for their "outrageous stonewalling of appointments" -- even though Congress has approved more nominees of Bush than of any president since Jimmy Carter.

It helps that Dominionists have a direct line to the White House: The Rev. Richard Land, top lobbyist for the 16-million-member Southern Baptist Convention, enjoys a weekly conference call with top Bush advisers including Karl Rove. "We've got the Holy Spirit's wind at our backs!" Land declares in an arm-waving, red-faced speech. He takes particular aim at the threat posed by John Lennon, denouncing "Imagine" as a "secular anthem" that envisions a future of "clone plantations, child sacrifice, legalized polygamy and hard-core porn."

The Dominionists are also stepping up efforts to turn public schools into forums for evangelism. In a landmark case, the Alliance Defense Fund is suing a California school district that threatened to dismiss a born-again teacher who was evangelizing fifth-graders. In the conference's opening ceremony, the Dominionists recite an oath they dream of hearing in every classroom: "I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag, and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands. One Savior, crucified, risen and coming again, with life and liberty for all who believe."

Cass urges conference-goers to stack school boards with Dominionists. "The most humble Christian is more qualified for office than the best-educated pagan," says Cass, an anti-abortion activist who led a takeover of his school district's board in San Diego. "We built quite a little grass-roots machine out there. Now it's my burden to multiply that success all across America."

Cass points to the Rev. Gary Beeler, a Baptist minister from Tennessee who got permission for thousands of students to skip class and attend weeklong events that he calls "old-time revivals, with preaching and singing and soul-saving and the whole nine yards." Now, with support from Kennedy, Beeler is selling his house and buying a mobile home to spread his crusade nationwide. "It's not exactly what I planned to do with my retirement," he says. "But it's what God told me to do."

Cass also presents another small-town activist, Kevin McCoy, with a Salt and Light Award for leading a successful campaign to shut down an anti-bullying program in West Virginia schools. McCoy, a soft-spoken, prematurely gray postal worker, fought to end the program because it taught tolerance for gay people -- and thus, in his view, constituted a "thinly disguised effort to promote the homosexual agenda." "What America needs," Cass tells the faithful, "is more Kevin McCoys."

While the Dominionists rely on grass-roots activists to fight their battles, they are backed by some of America's richest entrepreneurs. Amway founder Rich DeVos, a Kennedy ally who's the leading Republican contender for governor of Michigan, has tossed more than $5 million into the collection plate. Jean Case, wife of former AOL chief Steve Case -- whose fortune was made largely on sex-chat rooms -- has donated $8 million. And Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino's Pizza, is a major source of cash for Focus on the Family, a megaministry working with Kennedy to eliminate all public schools.

The one-two punch of militant activists and big money has helped make the Dominionists a force in Washington, where a growing number of congressmen owe their elections to the machine. Kennedy has also created the Center for Christian Statesmanship, which trains elected officials to "more effectively share their faith in the public arena." Speaking to the group, House Majority Whip Tom DeLay -- a winner of Kennedy's Distinguished Christian Statesman Award -- called Bush's faith-based initiatives "a great opportunity to bring God back into the public institutions of our country."

The most vivid proof of the Christianizing of Capitol Hill comes at the final session of Reclaiming America. Rep. Walter Jones, a lanky congressman from North Carolina, gives a fire-and-brimstone speech that would have gotten him laughed out of Washington thirty years ago. In today's climate, however, he's got a chance of passing his pet project, the Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act, which would permit ministers to endorse political candidates from their pulpits, effectively converting their tax-exempt churches into Republican campaign headquarters.

"America is under assault!" Jones thunders as his aides dash around the sanctuary snapping PR photos. "Everyone in America has the right to speak freely, except for those standing in the pulpits of our churches!" The amen chorus reaches a fever pitch. Hands fly heavenward. It's one thing to hear such words from Dominionist leaders -- but to this crowd, there's nothing more thrilling than getting the gospel from a U.S. congressman. "You cannot have a strong nation that does not follow God," Jones preaches, working up to a climactic, passionate plea for a biblical republic. "God, please -- God, please -- God, please -- save America!"

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[Push for 9/11 Truth. Expose the 2004 election fraud. But prepare for the oil crash. Support local and national candidates who tell the truth, like Cynthia McKinney. But prepare for the oil crash. Defy the creeping American theocracy that respects no life but the embryo, no God but the white-bearded Nobodaddy, and no peace but the silence at the tyrant's table. But prepare for the oil crash. - JAH]

Global Eye

By Chris Floyd
The Moscow Times
Friday, April 8, 2005

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Let's face the facts. The game is over and we -- the "reality-based community," the believers in genuine democracy and law, the heirs of Jefferson and Madison, Emerson and Thoreau, the toilers and dreamers, all those who seek to rise above the beast within and shape the brutal chaos of existence into something higher, richer and imbued with meaning -- have lost. The better world we thought had been won out of the blood and horror of history -- a realm of enlightenment that often found its best embodiment in the ideals and aspirations of the American Republic -- is gone. It's been swallowed by darkness, by ravening greed, by bestial spirits and by willful primitives who now possess overwhelming instruments of power and dominion.

A gang of such spirits seized control of the U.S. government by illicit means in 2000 and maintained that control through rampant electoral corruption in 2004. The re-election of President George W. Bush last November was a deliberately shambolic process that saw massive lockouts of opposition voters; unverifiable returns compiled by easily hackable machines operated by avowed corporate partisans of the ruling party; and vast discrepancies between exit polls and final results - gaps much larger than those that led elections in Ukraine and Georgia to be condemned as manipulated frauds. Indeed, a panel of statisticians said last week that the odds of such a discrepancy occurring naturally were 959,000 to 1, the Akron Beacon-Journal reported.

The copious documentation of the Bush fraud keeps growing. Last month, experts using actual machines and returns from the 2004 election showed Congress how a lone hacker could skew a precinct's results by 100,000 votes without leaving a trace. More than 40 million votes in 30 states were cast on such computer systems, BlackBoxVoting noted.

Late last year, Congress heard sworn testimony from Florida programmer Clint Curtis, who created vote-rigging software in 2000 at the request of Tom Feeny, a Bush Family factotum. Feeny wanted Curtis (a fellow Republican) and his employer, Yang Enterprises, to produce untraceable programs that could "control the vote" as needed, investigator Brad Friedman reported. Feeny also told Curtis of Bush plans to "suppress the black vote" with "exclusion lists." This is exactly what happened. BBC investigator Greg Palast has shown that tens of thousands of legitimate African-American voters were deliberately "purged" from the rolls by a private Republican-controlled corporation hired by Florida Governor Jeb Bush. Afterwards, Feeny -- who had been Jeb's running mate in his first gubernatorial campaign -- was rewarded for his dutiful service with a plum congressional seat.

In 2002, Raymond Lemme, a Florida state government inspector, took up Curtis' charges, which included other corruption allegations involving Feeny, Yang Enterprises and a Yang employee charged with peddling military technology to the Chinese. In June 2003, Lemme told Curtis he had "tracked the corruption all the way to the top" and that "the story would break in a few weeks." On July 1, 2003, Lemme was found dead in a Georgia hotel room, just across the Florida border.

Local police ruled that Lemme, a happily married man eagerly planning his daughter's wedding, had suddenly decided to slash his wrists. At first they said there were no photos of the death scene; but then the pictures turned up on the Internet and were confirmed as authentic by the embarrassed police. The photos clearly contradicted the original suicide report on several points -- presenting evidence, for example, that Lemme had been beaten before his death. The investigation was reopened after Curtis' Congressional testimony -- and then abruptly shut down after local police spoke to a never-identified "someone" in the Florida state government.

Needless to say, nothing has been done to clarify the murk surrounding Lemme's convenient death. Nor has there been any action toward rectifying the highly profitable degradation of the American electoral process -- beyond the appointment of yet another "blue-ribbon panel" of Establishment worthies to oversee "election reform." The seriousness of this endeavor can be seen in the man appointed to co-chair the effort: James Baker, the notorious Bush family fixer (and Saudi bagman) who spearheaded the sabotage of the 2000 vote in Florida. Baker's presence on the panel ensures that nothing will be done to lessen the ruling clique's chokehold on power.

So let's have no illusions about where we are. Gangsters are in charge, and nothing and no one will be allowed to challenge their dominion. They are waging aggressive war to cement their position and that of their allies: the energy barons, the arms merchants, the construction and services cartels, the investment bankers. These power blocs now command monstrous resources and unfathomable profits; they can buy out, buy off or bury any force that opposes them.

Meanwhile, they use the loot of the stolen Republic -- its blood and treasure -- as fuel for their ever-expanding war machine: Bush now has a "secret watch-list" of 25 more countries ripe for military intervention, the Financial Times reported. With more war crimes afoot, last month Bush issued an official "National Defense Strategy" that openly declares "judicial processes" as one of the enemies confronting the United States, actually equating them with terrorism, the Associated Press reported. Law is "a strategy of the weak," says the Bush Doctrine, in a chilling echo of Hitlerian machtpolitik: Might makes right. The judicial process must not be allowed to "constrain or shape" American behavior in any way, the gangsters declared. Think of it: Law is now the enemy. Democracy, as we've seen above, is the enemy. This, the demented code of criminals and tyrants, has become the ruling doctrine of the United States -- replacing the Constitution, replacing the noble struggle for liberty and enlightenment with the howl of the beast, with a freak show of avarice and death.

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[The story surrounding the murder of Raymond Lemme is a complicated one, touching upon the software-driven vote fraud in the 2004 election, Chinese influence inside the neocon / Cheney network, Christian Dominionist ambitions, and the pedophilia rings that go back to the Franklin Credit Union coverup during the G.H.W. Bush administration. FTW's purpose in running this material is not to urge our readers to follow out every nuance - other sites are pursuing it including and the Seminole Chronicle. Instead, we want to point out the reach and the currency of our claims regarding the Dominionist and Saudi connections behind Ptech software:

[There exists] a longstanding and politically potent Christian secret society called "The Fellowship" - with which Dick Cheney, John Ashcroft and other high US government officials are also affiliated. Wayne Madsen has established the involvement of the Fellowship in the rigging of the 2004 presidential election in the United States, and has linked Dick Cheney to that organization."
-- Jamey Hecht, PTECH, 9/11, and USA-SAUDI TERROR, PART I

Most frightening of all is that this network seems to have links back to the powerful American Christian cult known as "The Fellowship," or "The Family." This organization is tied to American 'Christian' men of high political power including John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, multiple Congressional members and prominent business leaders. Some "Family" members have stated they would love to have Osama bin Laden as a guest speaker because of the covenant he has with his followers. Doug Coe, the Family's leader who was praised by George H.W. Bush at the 1990 National Prayer Breakfast for his "quiet diplomacy," openly admires Hitler's "covenant."
-- Michael Kane, PTECH, 9/11, and USA-SAUDI TERROR, PART II


Unrestricted Warfare: 9/11 Treason

By John Caylor
February 6, 2005

In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this material is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

In May 2001, the FBI secretly reopened the long forbidden "Cointelpro", counter-intelligence-program that spies on American citizens. As a former "independently active criminal intelligence analyst" for the Bureau in the late 80's until the mid 90's. I was directly involved in the investigation of the 1989-90 domestic mail bomb attacks against the federal judiciary (VANPAC) and Oklahoma City bombing.

During the early June 2001 time frame, I was re-contacted by email and asked for any relevant information and knowledge of Chinese Army operatives activity in the United States. Later, I learned that the FBI had been actively searching for "suitcase neutron bombs" in Miami and other United States cities.

The dreaded neutron bomb is a high yield radiation weapon which I have had personal experience working on as a former civilian employee in R&D for the Department of Defense at Fort Rucker, Alabama. Directly involved in the testing of functional components at Abredeen Proving Grounds, I was injured and lost 80 percent of my hearing, requiring surgery and revoking my medical status to fly in military aircraft. The bomb was so horrific Europeans forced then President Jimmy Carter "to not deploy the weapon" on European soil as the neutron bomb is Pandora's worst nightmare and there is no defense against it!

Since the late 70's China and Pakistan have miniaturized the weapon making it higher yield and packaging it in a suitcase for remote detonation by space satellites. Once the weapon is hidden in place it can be used as a blackmail device to surgically kill hundreds of thousands without harming valuable real estate and precious national resources.

It could be China and Saudi Arabia's muddled weapon of choice having diffused links to Islamic AL-Qaeda terrorists while shifting attack responsibility to Pakistan. Based upon intelligence sources I have come to the conclusion that a device may be detonated in the Unites States, it may be only a matter of when?"

In pursuit of the truth regarding this matter of grave concern, has relentlessly pursued the death investigation of Investigator Raymond Lemme. Mr. Lemme was an investigator with the Florida Department of Transportation who resided in Tallahassee, Florida. Mr. Lemme honorably served our country in Vietnam and was an active U.S. Air Force reservist at the time his of death. He was investigating serious allegations made against a Chinese software firm that had U.S. government contracts.

The allegations were made by Florida Department of Transportation supervisor Mavis Georgalis and programmer Clint Curtis a former Yang employee. They inferred that Yang Enterprises, whose lobbyist is United States Congressman Tom Feeney helped secure contracts for a firm not eligible to receive contracts due to the fact that an illegal alien and spy was working for them.

These and the other allegations against Yang and Feeney that have recently come to light threaten the security of the United States.

Those involved in the apparent plot have gone to extreme measures using murder, malicious prosecution of whistleblowers, manufacturing several different police reports and official investigative documents to hide facts that high level treason continues to be committed against our citizens.


IGS Staff

Raymond Lemme, top right active U.S. Air Force Reservist and Florida Department of Transportation OSI Investigator was murdered investigating Chinese - NASA, DOT whistleblower complaint.

Suicide Turns Murder In Treason Case Involving Chinese

Software Company With Nasa And Government Contracts!

No autopsy and quick cremation, eliminating evidence!

Warning: the following page contains graphic photographs that may be offensive to some viewers. Insider magazine was forced to use the crimes scene photos because police have covered up the death investigation and have consistently maintained that no such crime scene photos existed. After viewing the photos they were forced to surrender, it is apparent that he was beaten, tortured and killed.

Photos stated officially in Police Reports "not to exist" indicate Investigator was tortured, choked and murdered in Valdosta, GA. motel room. Base upon existing evidence we believe he uncovered a spy plot against United States. Police reports say he committed suicide. There's blood in all the wrong places... and screwed up police reports.

Click here for larger image


Bottom photos show the motel room Valdosta police say that he killed himself in. Insider interviewed Lemme's brother and he doesn't believe Ray killed himself. He stated that Ray would never sell out his principles or his country. The portrait we have after interviewing his co-workers is that Ray was at the height of his career, enjoyed his work and would never disgrace his family or the high standards he set for himself.

The office receptionist who worked with Ray Lemme was shocked to learn from us that police and his boss Robert Clift say he committed suicide! Clift is adamant that Lemme committed suicide and suffered from deep depression, although a list of the medicines placed neatly out on the bathroom vanity does not include any depression medicine. Looking at the photos we believe it's all too neat and diabolical.

Click here for larger image

An extensive 3 year investigation has uncovered startling facts and documentation that suggest China and Saudi Arabia are the nations engineering the Al-Qaeda plot to overthrow the United States government.

Based upon credible intelligence and extensive secret documentation previously withheld by law enforcement agencies we have determined that the plot reaches the highest levels of the United States government and involves United States Congressman Tom Feeney, R. Florida and at least Florida Governor, Jeb Bush.

Secret documents show the espionage and treason acts perpetrated against the United States involved murder, programming vote switching software, manipulation and control of existing government computer databases maintained by the Federal Aviation Administration, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Customs, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Department of Defense, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida Department of Transportation are just a few of the many government agencies that have been infiltrated by Chinese and Saudi spies.

The high level IT attacks have resulted in a War Of Terror against citizens worldwide and are outlined in a book published in China in February 1999 which proposes tactics for developing countries, in particular China, to compensate for their military inferiority vis-à-vis the United States during a high-tech war.

The book was written by two PLA senior colonels from the younger generation of Chinese military officers and was published by the PLA Literature and Arts Publishing House in Beijing, suggesting that its release was endorsed by at least some elements of the PLA leadership. This impression was reinforced by an interview with Qiao and laudatory review of the book carried by the party youth league's official daily Zhongguo Qingnian Bao.

Published prior to the bombing of China's embassy in Belgrade, the book has drawn the attention of both the Chinese and Western press for its advocacy of a multitude of means, both military and particularly non-military, to strike at the United States during times of conflict. Hacking into websites, targeting financial institutions, terrorism, using the media, and conducting urban warfare are among the methods proposed.

In the Zhongguo Qingnian Bao interview, Qiao was quoted as stating that "the first rule of unrestricted warfare is that there are no rules, with nothing forbidden." Elaborating on this idea, he asserted that strong countries would not use the same approach against weak countries because "strong countries make the rules while rising ones break them and exploit loopholes... The United States breaks [UN rules] and makes new ones when these rules don't suit [its purposes], but it has to observe its own rules or the whole world will not trust it." Click on the link below for a Chinese definition of unrestricted warfare:

Insider's confidential intelligence sources have confirmed the U.S. Intelligence community was operating in a defensive posture against the Chinese governments adoption of "unrestricted warfare" prior to the election of George Bush, Jr.

Bush who became President amid claims of software fraud and vote scamming in Florida has according to our sources, systematically dismantled historical national security safeguards for access to sensitive data. At the same time Bush and his brother's political allies have worked as lobbyists for the Chinese and the Saudis to secure government contracts enabling the on-going infiltration. Bush's other brother Neil is also on the board of director's of a Chinese semiconductor firm with ties to the Chinese Army.

Federal court documents and secret intelligence reports obtained by Insider-Magazine show illegal alien spies working for those firms with deep connections to Al-Qaeda have been allowed access to the NASA computer files for downloading and were involved in exporting high-tech weapons and satellite technology. Those firms have received government contracts allowing them to penetrate the highest levels of United States security and government agencies.

One such firm is Yang Enterprises, Inc. a 250 employee software firm from Oviedo, Florida. The company is represented by Jeb Bush's former running-mate, Republican Congressman Tom Feeney. Yang Enterprises is a firm with government contracts at NASA, the Florida Department of Transportation and the Department of Law Enforcement now headed by former Bay County Sheriff Guy Tunnell.

Tom Feeney shown here with the President is also the registered lobbyist for the Yang Corporation whose employee, an illegal alien, Henry Nee was indicted by a federal grand jury in 2004 for exporting microchips to Beijing University. Nee subsequently pled guilty to the charges.

Confidential Insider sources say that China dismantled microchips and reverse engineered the Sanders and Lockheed Martin chips possibly remanufacturing and reprogramming them for export back to the United States and integrating them into existing U.S. weapons systems rendering them inoperable and functionally unstable.

China is renowned worldwide for theft of technology and flooding markets with knock-offs, counterfeits and imitations of products made with prison labor. China is the largest owner of U.S. Treasury notes due to an imbalance of trade and as early as last week the head of the Fed Bank is New York warned in a Wall Street Journal article that the U.S. economy could collapse if the China dumped their U.S. Treasury certificates.

With the help of their "Lobbyist Congressman Feeney" and Governor Jeb Bush, Yang was recently awarded a place on the high priority list of vendors for all Florida state agencies, although an employee Henry Nee pled guilty to espionage in Orlando federal court in 2004, an activity that would preclude them from obtaining state and federal contracts.

The Insider's documentation from law enforcement reports yet to be made public, show Florida Department of Transportation Inspector General employee, investigator Raymond Lemme at the time of his death was investigating allegations that Yang employed illegal aliens among other things including overpayments and money laundering activities. Lemme apparently stumbled across the ongoing spy operation.

(Web Editor's note: You may click on any of these images below to see a full size version.)

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Click here for full size version

Authorities have officially reported that Lemme committed suicide in a Valdosta motel room on July 1, 2003, but the Insider's investigation has concluded that it was murder after obtaining hard evidence and conflicting reports stated not to exist in official police records.

Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view
Click here for a larger view

Click on this link to follow the Valdosta police and their cover-up reports.

Click here for larger version

A major part of the Insider's investigation was carried out in Lowndes and Echols counties in and around Valdosta, Georgia and stemmed in part from an on-going illegal alien smuggling operation in Bay County, Florida. The Bay County operation was part of our story "License To Steal", in the Fall 2003 print edition of Emerald Coast Insider Magazine, in which we directly linked White House transition team member William Harrison, Jr. to Big Wheel Recycling and Aztec Environmental of Panama City, Florida.

Our story at the time centered upon apparent influence peddling by Harrison within the U.S. Marshall's Service in Washington and the dumping of toxic waste in Bay County, Florida. We were unaware that smuggling illegal aliens was involved until the FBI, EPA and Homeland Security raided Aztec and Big Wheel's offices in February 2004 at Panama City, Florida, after publication of our story.

In the above-related investigations conducted by Insider we have obtained exclusive interviews with sources who have worked inside the smuggling operations and those stories will be follow-ups to this breaking story.

Ray Lemme's Yang investigation apparently ran parallel to his FDOT investigation of whistleblower Mavis Georgalis who was the IT manager trying to stop Yang from getting a $77 million contract with the state of Florida. Bay County businessman and prominent Republican Earl K. Durden is chairman of the Florida Transportation Commission.

Durden and Beach businessman Charles L. Hilton are both staunch supporters of the president and are founding members of the "Club for Growth" in Washington. D.C. a key group behind the dismantling of the national Social Security Benefit System, whose members have been reported to work illegal aliens and make use of leased employees.

Investigative records show that Whistleblower supervisor Mavis Georgalis was targeted for prosecution after exposing Yang to her superiors at the FDOT, records and interviews with FDOT staff conducted by the Insider show that Georgails allegations and those of programmer Clint Curtis were not investigated even tough the Inspector General is due to release an official report on the matter.

Click here for larger version

Click here for larger version
Click here for larger version

In an effort to silence Georgalis, she was arrested twice and forced to resign and she has been reinstated to her job at FDOT by the courts. Since her return to work, Cecil Bragg the Inspector General of FDOT, Ray Lemme's former top boss is still trying to bring up new charges against her with the Florida Ethics Commission.

Click here for larger version

Click here for larger version

Click here for larger version

Click here for larger version

Click here for larger version

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During our investigation and interviews with employees of FDOT, Lemme's supervisor Robert Clift told us that he was the person responsible for launching the investigation of Whistleblowers Georgalis and Clint Curtis.

Based upon substantial evidence obtained by the Insider, it was either Jeb Bush or Tom Feeney who ordered the Whistleblowers prosecuted, we don't buy the story from Lemme's supervisor Bob Clift who is on record apparently filing a false affidavit with the Leon County Sheriff's department in connection to the Lemme death case. Clift and Lemme's widow who works with the law firm of Holland and Knight are both on the same page with the cover-up by the Valdosta Police.

In December 2004, Investigative reporter Wayne Madsen brought the Lemme murder story to light in Online Journal.

Click on this link to follow other murders and cover-ups in the Inslaw [PROMIS] software case cover-up reports.

The case of Yang Enterprises bears remarkable similarity to that of Saudi software firm "Ptech" in many ways.



Unsolved contract hits and a history Written in Blood...

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RESHUFFLING THE FEDERAL BENCH... AUGUST 1989 MAIL BOMB LETTERS sent to media in target cities from various U.S. locations same of a lone nut?

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