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[FTW believes that this parody by Ezekiel Jones is a timely and supremely appropriate response to Mike Ruppert’s departure from the United States. In recent days, we have received many emails from readers who are pondering a similar kind of exodus from the United States. This parody offers profound food for thought.—CB]


By Ezekiel Jones


© Copyright 2006, From The Wilderness Publications, All Rights Reserved. May be reprinted, distributed or posted on an Internet web site for non-profit purposes only.

Dear Albert,

I am writing to tell you how disappointed I am in you.  Over the years, I have admired you not only as the leading scientist of your generation, but also as a fearless advocate for human rights and as someone who presents the true, peace-loving face of Germany to the world.  I have applauded your outspoken condemnation of this terrible new Chancellor, and the way this ridiculous little man and his Nazi thugs are trying to undermine our democracy.

But now you have gone and ruined everything.  There you stood in California, no doubt surrounded by palm trees and movie stars, and said that you would never return to Germany until Hitler was gone.  How could you abandon us this way?  Barely forty per cent of the people voted for the Nazis.  Do you have so little confidence in your fellow Germans that you believe he will last more than a few months before Papen and the other grownups have finished with him? 

Even one of the leading German Jewish newspapers has urged everyone to hold fast:

Germany remains Germany.  No one can deprive us of our homeland and fatherland.
What we need now is for leaders like you to work with us here in the Fatherland to educate the German people about the dangers posed by Hitler.  Together, we can put him where he and his Brown Shirts belong--in jail.   Instead, it appears that you and [Berthold] Brecht and [Thomas] Mann care more for yourselves than your countrymen.

Don't doubt that we will carry on without you.  I still believe that the German people are basically good.  It's just this terrible economy and those unfair reparations that have made them so frustrated that they're ready to believe Hitler's and Goebbels' lies.  Once they understand what the Nazis are  really up to,  they'll throw the lot of them out on the street.

So stay in America.  Have martinis with those ridiculous Hollywood starlets and Marlene Dietriech too, I suppose.  Those of us who really care about the Fatherland will be here working to change it for the better.

And we will succeed.

Good-bye to you and good riddance,

A German Patriot

Sequence Of Events: 1933-1945 and beyond:

February 27-28, 1933 Reichstag Fire and Decrees  
March, 1933 Hitler Becomes Dictator Einstein Renounces German Citizenship
July, 1933 Other Political Parties Outlawed Einstein Helps Found International Rescue Committee
September, 1935 Nuremberg Laws Enacted Brecht begins writing Fear And Misery In The Third Reich
November, 1938 Kristallnacht  
August, 1939 German Attacks Poland Einstein Writes Roosevelt About A-Bomb
July, 1941 “Final Solution” Implemented  
Post WW II   Einstein Helps Found Brandeis and Hebrew Universities
    Einstein Fights Against Nuclear Weapons

Post Postcript: The Context For This "Letter"

Of course, dear reader, this is not a real letter to Albert Einstein written in 1933, though the history it cites is real enough.  What you have just read is instead a parody written in August, 2006 to make a point.

During the past week, two authors prominent in 9/11 research have written about leaving the United States.  Christopher Bollyn, after being arrested in his own front yard in the Chicago suburbs, has promised to head for Europe.  Michael Ruppert, who has experienced a string of unfortunate events, has written a "Good-Bye Letter to America" from exile in Venezuela.

Ruppert's letter brought sharp attacks from two people who otherwise share many of his political views. Mary MacElveen accused Ruppert of delivering a "smack in the face" to "good" Americans like her who are trying as hard as they can to improve things in the U. S.   Cathy Garger suggests that the "good-bye" letter is "brilliant psy-ops" aimed at discouraging the brave souls who remain behind to fight the good fight.

I left the United States in 2005, in part because of the deteriorating political situation, and things have only gotten worse since then.  I now feel obligated to warn those who are particular targets of the current regime--Muslims, "dissenters," gays, atheists--that they should be making preparations to leave if things continue to deteriorate.  My writings have been met with a mostly favorable, even appreciative response, but I've had a few reactions from those who feel as MacElveen and Garger do.  I've tried to discern the underlying feelings behind such over-the-top condemnations, and have come to the conclusion that it's analogous to an abused spouse's rebuke of a friend who advises that she get out of the house before it's too late.

That was when I was the target of the criticism, but seeing Ruppert and Bollyn attacked made me wonder how MacElveen and Garger might have responded to Albert Einstein if they had lived in Germany in 1933 (not that Ruppert, Bollyn or I are comparable to Einstein):  The "Open Letter to Albert Einstein" was the result.


Ezekiel left the U. S. in 2005 and now lives in Europe. He operates a website called Shelter from the Storm with information for people contemplating leaving the U. S., Britain or Canada.

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