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4,000 Copies of "Crossing the Rubicon" Available for Immediate Bulk Purchase Only

As a result of the tragic closure of "From The Wilderness" some 4,000 copies of "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil" are at risk of being disposed of by a Los Angeles warehouse for unpaid back storage fees. Rubicon has sold approximately 100,000 copies in the US and France and has become "the bible" of modern geo-petro politics for many and a trustworthy map of past, current and future events for tens of thousands. In April of 2006 it was taken into the Library of the Harvard School of Business. Purchased originally by its author and FTW founder Michael Ruppert these books are new, in cases, on pallets and ready to be shipped.

Money from the sale of these books will be used for ongoing medical treatment of Michael Ruppert who has recently moved to the New York City area to be cared for by sympathetic physicians who are familiar with his work and the special challenges he faces as he recovers from a serious illness.


1. None of the books can be released untill all back storage fees are paid to the LA area warehouse holding the books. At present the unpaid fees are approximately $1,500. At time of sale a current figure will be calculated.

2. The books cannot be sold by case lots or in individual units. The warehouse is holding approximately 6.75 pallets of books with each pallet containing approximately 560 books with 35 cases of 16 books per case. There are "a few" extra cases. The books must be sold as a complete lot.

3. Neither the warehouse nor anyone in LA is capable of shipping out one or two cases at a time, let alone one or two books. The warehouse has no staff for this, there is no shipping fund and there is no "store" available to faclitate case lot sales. Orders for lots of 20 or more cases will be considered but an order for the entire lot will be given first priority.

Unless otherwise negotiated the purchaser will need to arrange for a freight company to pick up and transfer the books to their new home.

Freight charges wil be significant, therefore we will consider seriously "discounted" offers.

The point is that these books must be saved.


"Rubicon" is still selling well and has just entered a second printing at the publisher. As history continues to validate its predictions it is certain to experience a resurgence in demand.

No reasonable offer that meets the above challenges will be ignored.

We are willing to sell the books at a price that will allow any reseller to significantly underprice any sellers out there even after shipping and payment of back storage fees. The current Amazon retail price is around $14.00. Whoever acquires these books could well be selling them for much, much less and still be making a handsome profit.

The tragic end of FTW and the health crisis which nearly cost Mike Ruppert his life is not over. "Crossing the Rubicon" and the eight and a half years of groundbreaking work by FTW and all of its great writers remain an unchallenged and uncontested record of journalistic and research excellence. This offer is a win-win for all concerned if these books can be saved.

Offers should be directed to Mike Ruppert's attorney:

Mr. Ray Kohlman
116-16 142nd St.
Jamaica, NY 11436

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